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 Overlay Generator History

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PostSubject: Overlay Generator History   Sun Nov 18, 2007 7:05 am

______Overlay Generator History _________________
by:sir marky (www.markyctrigger.com)

It was December 2005 when I started to have myself
addicted to Friendster. After a week of continuesly
exploring, I have finally come up with a new design
for my profile which is done mostly in CSS. I have
proudly showed it off to my brother and to my
surprise, he found it very unique and interesting.

The first thing that came to our mind was to upload it
in the Friendster's Official Discussion Board but
unfortunately, this site does not support IP
addressess from the Philippines. So then we have
found, http://friendsterforum.com/forum which is the
most famous forum for Friendster. I have uploaded my
cousin's profile (which of course I myself designed)
while I take time in constructing a more public
profile because most of the sites tend to filter the
codes (which are mostly done in JavaScripts,
vbScripts, etc.) that the programmers use as they may
cause harm to the site.

As I was exploring this, I have discovered a
friendster profile which redirects your profile to
other sites which makes it appear to be more
attractive. At this point in time, many friendster
users has tried to contact me to inquire what I did
with my account.

After which, I have once again created a code in
JavaScript from which you can determine who has viewed
your profile and will automatically add the viewer to
your "who's viewing list". By this time, I have also
started to develop my profile using Adobe Photoshop
and Macromedia Flash. Due to this, Friendster have
thought that I have exceeded my limitation as one of
the users because I have already neglected their terms
and conditions. I have created a code which will
advertise my profile once you have visited my account
and therefore, over 17 million Friendster users had
seen it so, after 24 hours, Friendster administration
had deleted my account.

Much to my dismay, it has led me the way to pursue
more with what I have started. After a month of
analyzing the concept of a certain design which can
mask the page of my profile, I have finally thought of
the "Overlay Generator". As the name implies, it will
actually cover up your existing profile and will not
terminate the terms and conditions of Friendster(just
put their footer and logo). I have also acquired a
Malaysian sponsor who has been religiously observing
my profile.

Much to this, he has given me a domain and this is
where I help people. (visit
http://www.markyctrigger.com) I encourage them to
design or layout their page using HTML, Dreamweaver or
JavaScript and then after pasting the code, It will
automatically convert it to hexadecimal and unicode
values .

This is just how easy it may take for people who want
to reconstruct their friendster's profile. This has no
restriction that's why you can create a new look for
your profile no matter what design it may have.
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Overlay Generator History
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