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 Overlay Generator version 11

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PostSubject: Overlay Generator version 11   Sun Nov 18, 2007 6:51 am

There are so many web interfaces that exist at the present but mostly, all of it have restricted tags that users have difficulty to express the kind of design they want to express. “Overlay Generator” it has a feature to generate a base64 code that is needed to overlay HTML codes on web logs, forums, social networking services such as Friendster, Xanga, Myspace, Multiply, Hi5. There’s almost no limitation in creating your own page since this generator support HTML, DHTML, XHTML, JAVASCRIPT. You can also create a FLASH site and embed it into your HTML. So this is a good option if you’re able to create a webpage from scratch.

For a more clearer description one good example is the most and currently applied by users is the Overlay Friendster Profile compare to a normal Friendster profile it is very different from it one reason is that you can do what you want, this can customize your profile, decorate the links, the photos, the cursor, the background, the table, and you can position the chatbox, the mp3, the video, anything you want so it is clearly explained that Overlay Friendster Profile can totally change the full “friendster profile”. An Overlay Generator are applicable for those people that have knowledge in some tools for web development like Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Imageready, Frontpage, and for some who don’t know any of these there are lots of pre-made profile layouts.

Quote :
Version 11: [ stable]
*major fixed for the latest friendster update
*updated AJAX request using JE's method

Quote :
Version 10.8: [ stable]
*removed redirect script
*AJAX enabled for www.friendster.com domain >Smile >Smile >Smile
*authcode enabled
*revised code for auto update comments(from 6kb to 2kb of data)

Quote :
Version 10.4: [ stable]
*fixed last login addon
*added redirect for the new friendster URL
*added auto redirect when the visitors are not logged-in when viewing overlay profiles
*fixed IE7's setTimeout

as for the next version which is version 10.8 we'll not use the redirect method anymore

[quote]Version 10:
*improved anti-fakelogin by JE41
*imrpoved anti-worm
*integrated hide default profile and profile chooser
*removed activation for add-on moderators
*revised code
*fixed mozilla firefox DOMContentLoaded
*changed encryption from ASCII to base64
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Overlay Generator version 11
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