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 The Game of Love

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PostSubject: The Game of Love   Sun Nov 18, 2007 10:48 am

Girls wait to fall in love,
to recieve there ANGEL from up above.
When you find that 'Mr. Right'
Whatever you do hold on tight!
This risk of love you have to take,
to prove to him how much your heart can take.
Love him without holding back,
and pray to God that your heart stays intacked.
Unselfishly you give your heart,
thinking theres no reason for him to part.
Thanking god for your special gift each day,
hopefully never having to pray that he will stay.
Unfortunately something goes wrong
and your life is like another sad love song!
you cry every morning and night,
and everything reminds you of his precious sight.
Constantly you crying tears,
at school dont wear make-up because it will smear.
you try to stop yourself from crying,
but inside your still dying!

you surrender everytime to his voice
you surrender everytime to his smile.
Fighting for him is your choice,
even if now his love is in denile.
He sends you awkward signs,
because he cant make up his mind.
and as long as he's confused,
your heart is abused.
you try to make him understand love,
that you want to be his gift from up above
you want him to have this feeling inside,
that for you he'll push everything aside.
He still cares about you alot
but love for you he has not.
in you he still has trust,
but his love has turned into lust.
Love is a game
that guys tend to play
usually it ends the same
where the girl wants the guy to stay.
A girls heart has so much pain,
and the game of love will drive her insaine.

For the guys:
What goes around, comes around....
soon you will be played
and wish you never pushed your angel away!

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PostSubject: Re: The Game of Love   Sun Nov 25, 2007 9:51 am

nice ...

i read only the 1st ro 7 stanza...

but its nice...

tnx for sharing...

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The Game of Love
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