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 { bc0z Of yOu }

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PostSubject: { bc0z Of yOu }   Mon Jan 07, 2008 9:46 pm

I can't help what I am feeling for him, I can't tell you he is just a friend, He has been there for me when you decided to play with my emotions when you chose to lie he was there everytime I started to cry.

You want me to give him up and start all over with you But I can't because you have been dishonest and untrue.

I can't just let him go I am deeply inlove I need him in my life I want him around I want him here he is what makes me proud, How can you expect me to let go of something so true he is the one that I fell in love with all because of you.

He wants me to be there when I am down and about you are the one that always made me scream and shout, You have to face what was coming to you , Your the one who lost me because you're such a fool.

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{ bc0z Of yOu }
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