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 RULES in REQUESTING layouts/graphics

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PostSubject: RULES in REQUESTING layouts/graphics   Tue Nov 27, 2007 9:43 am


Arrow if ur lay0ut request is a pers0nal.. (eg, ur BG is ur name and the banenr is ur pic)
uh NEED t0 SEND us 1st a FAN SIGN.
FAQ in FAN SIGN ,.. and after dat we will GRANT UR REQUEST

Arrow REQUESTOR must have atlis 20 POST
Arrow MAKE A NEW THREAD and we do it as much as possible..
Arrow if u request a layouts uh must PROVIDE
- url of the image (background.banner.cursors, bullets_)
-font color
-border color
-borde style
-indicate if uh have sum suggestions

You must read these rules before you make a layout request. The rules are in place to make this area run smoothly and breaking these rules can get you banned immediately. amici contributor and staff have the right to give which request first. Not necessary have to be in order. So please do not complain. Also take note that there is no 100% guaranteed your request will be answer/granted.

I) 20 good posts required before being eligible to make a request.
You attain this status after making 20 proper posts in your own name. This does not include if you spamming 20 posts within one day! We request that you stay and post for a while atleast 2 weeks.

Anyone spamming his way to 20 posts an action will be taken by admin/moderator. For those does not take much effort to say something better than "Thx", "UHMMMMM", posting totally off topic, or post containing only emoticons in Amici.forummotion forum threads to boost your posts will also be classified as SPAM

II) Requests are to be made in the proper section & learn to say thanks to the person who fulfilled your request.
Request layout only make it under request section, you are not allow to jump over to other off topic to make a request to get attention. You have been warn. Not forgotten you are must to give feedback (eg. say thanks) if someone have answer your request. If you doesnt follow this guideline, Don't bother to request next time.

III) Use the search engine before posting a request.
And do more than one search, using different terms, to make sure the item you seek has not already been posted.
Eventually, before requesting for a creations, you can look in the Pre-Made Layouts where you may find something which fit to what you are looking.

IV) Only one layout per request on a single topic & Do not "bump" a request.
Please do not "bump" your own request by posting constantly simply to make your topic stay on top. You have been warned. For those re-post again their request topic to seek for attention will receive 1 warning and ban request instantly. amici.forummation.com have the right to give which request first.

V) Proper Request Format
If you follow these guidelines it will greatly increase the chance of your request being fulfilled. Include all details in your request, such as full item name, styles, number and home page and possible include what efforts you have made to find the item yourself before posting your request. We do not have magic balls to read your mind what sort of layout that you need. For better understanding please use the format below when you make a request:

STYLE: (CSS Non-CrossOver, CrossOver, or Overlay)
CONCEPT: (Animé, Artists, or Nature of creation)
IMAGE TO USE: (Give the link of image you want to insert.)
COLOR: (Prefered Color)
REMARKS: (Comments)


<BLOCKQUOTE>Please create me a layout:

STYLE: CrossOver
REMARKS: Make it fantastic, design for girls, i love transparent tables... Thank you in advance!

VI) Only 2 requests per week. (Any 7 day period or 168 hours from the time the request was made)
This stops the request area being over loaded even more than it is and give everyone an even chance. This includes two requests for the same site. Unfilled requests and any request that breaks the rules also count as part of the 2 per week limit.

This forum is not here for one member's pleasure, A request is a request, amici.forummotion.com have right to decline/ignore/delete your request. This also apply those request that have not be answer in 2 weeks meaning = (14 days) = (336 hours) = (20160 minutes) will be delete to forum dust bin, this is to keep the forum clean and tidy

VII) DO NOT REQUEST VIA PM (Private Message)
Anyone sent a request via PM to admin/moderator. We will take appropriate action by giving you one warning.

VIII) Add-Ons Not Included, Just a Layout.
Placing an add-ons is all up to you. You may find some usefull add-ons to Friendster add-on section

IX) Request Only on English Language
All posts must be written in English, there are several nationalities browsing this forum, people must be able to understand what you request. We are not certainly not your translator to compile & guess what you looking for.

X) Request for member in warning status
Any member with warning status in their profile are not allow to request in any form in this forum. Whoever ignore this guideline will receive another 1 warning.

XII) For non-donator, you are require to stay active.
For non-donators, even through you obtained 20+ posts count. You are require to stay active by posting quality of contribution to the board minimum every 2 weeks before you can post your new request, (post like "me too" "thank you" "great job" etc do not included) Amici.Forummotion team reserved the right to view your history post to determine whether to approve or disapprove your request at anytime.

thank you...

added by : milo


Arrow must have 10 POST
- Arrow post here ur graphics, avatar, banner,signature
- Arrow post ur request with complete details ..

- url of the image
-font color
-borde style
-indicate if uh have sum suggestions


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RULES in REQUESTING layouts/graphics
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